VOSS – Flavoured Sparkling Water range arrives in UK

It was early August 2016 when we sat down at Aqua Amore HQ for a regular meeting with our friends from Voss Water who promised a very special announcement. Naturally we had an idea what it could be, but were eager to discover and sample the very latest addition to the VOSS Water range, and therefore, the Aqua Amore drinks portfolio: VOSS Flavoured Waters.

The two flavours we were presented with were Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass, adequately chilled in advance of our sampling session by our well prepared partners at Voss, Peter and Alina. Both were very well received as healthy flavoured sparkling waters in a glass bottle, with sophisticated and balanced flavours – tangerine lemongrass being my personal favourite due to the uniqueness of flavour in the UK market.

No sooner were we getting excited for the launch of the new varieties, were we sworn to social media silence and asked to delay our launch until late January 2017! As the famous saying goes, “good things come to those who wait”.

Flavoured Waters are not a new concept to the UK market, with products such as Volvic Touch of Fruit and POW available in shop fridges throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for over 12 months, but from the very first tasting we recognised that the VOSS flavoured water was a different category and representative of the recent evolution in non-alcoholic beverages and health drinks pre-dating the ‘Sugar Tax’ of April 2016 which shone a spotlight on the soft drinks market – unsweetened flavoured water.

When researching the creation of VOSS flavoured sparkling water, their team looked to create two all natural flavours which would be pleasant to drink on their own but would also complement a variety of spirits and foods – aiming to pair the flavour combinations with a range of meals ‘from Asian fusion to the classic steak and potatoes’.

What Ken Gilbert, CMO of VOSS Water of Norway, said:

“Our drinkers are loyal and enjoy exploring water-based beverages.  They love our natural sparkling water and, via our robust social media channels, asked for interesting combination flavours to complement the line.  We obliged of course.

VOSS new flavored sparkling waters are:

  • Unique and delicious flavour combinations
  • Available in Iconic and distinctive glass bottle
  • Made with VOSS artesian water from Norway
  • All natural
  • Unsweetened / 0 calories


Finally, on Monday 23 January 2017, Aqua Amore were proud to announce the addition of VOSS Flavoured Sparkling Water – Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass – to our drinks portfolio… and received our first order for delivery to a London home just twelve minutes later!

For more information, please see: vosswater.com

To buy Voss Flavoured Water (Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass) please see: aqua-amore.com


World Water Day 2016

22nd March, is World Water Day 2016 – a UN inspired day which brings into focus water related issues such as the lack of clean and sanitised water in many areas and communities of the world, with the aim of education via an international observance.

At Aqua Amore, we work with two water brands dedicated to donating funds for the provision of clean water supplies throughout the world – One Difference and Belu. Since 2010 we have contributed towards the provision of over 100,000 litres of clean water through the sales of ethical bottled waters.For several years we have predominantly worked closely with One Water, having closely analysed the contributions and projects of the team, via the active sales of One Water. 100% of their profits fund water projects and the strides they’ve made are thus far unmatched within the industry.

There are three simple ways you can help transform lives around the world:

Stock/buy One Water
Stock or buy One Water & become an Instant Hero – that’s because 100% of their profit funds life-changing water projects.
About One Water
Donate now to help provide clean and safe water to someone in need, forever, for as little as £4 or give a gift of water to a family for £20.
Donate & change lives now
There are several ways you can fundraise for The One Foundation, including taking the 5 Litre Challenge.
Email us to get involved


Budget 2016: Aqua Amore & The Sugar Tax

In yesterday’s Budget 2016 speech, Chancellor George Osbourne announced the widely anticipated ‘Sugar Tax’ – a levy on sugar sweetened beverages, coming into effect in April 2018. As stockists of UK’s widest range of soft drinks and bottled waters, Aqua Amore feel in a prime position to comment and summarise key points.

Naturally, this tax has been condemned by the soft drinks industry and industry associations who feel their sector has been ‘singled out’ and defending their position. Conversely, public health campaigners have welcomed the levy. So let’s look at the facts and key areas of debate.

Sugar Tax: What can be expected?

The sugar levy only applies to ‘soft drinks’ and will have two distinct tiers: the first for total sugar content above 5g per 100 ml; and a second for drinks with more than 8g per 100 ml – this will exclude milk based drinks and pure fruit drinks, whilst the smallest drinks producers will have an exemption from the scheme. The stated intention for this would be to raise £520m for the Treasury in the first year (commencing April 2018), which in turn will be used to fund primary school sports in England, with the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland free to decide how to spend their share.

What the George Osbourne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, said:

I am not prepared to look at my time doing this job and say to children’s generation I am sorry we knew there was a problem with sugary drinks ….We’re introducing the levy on the industry which means they can reduce the sugar content of their products – as many already do.

What Christopher Tanousis, Co-Founder of Aqua Amore, observes:

Ultimately, the UK soft drinks industry has already taken steps to address the levels of sugar in ‘soft drinks’, a broadly descriptive term which commonly refers to non-alcoholic drinks which are not bottled waters. For example, the modus operandi of smaller soft drinks producers such as Vit-Hit and Just Bee (to name but two) is a beverage which is both low in sugars and progressively, functional to enhance health and well-being. Meanwhile, highlighted producers such as Coca-Cola anticipated the market trend with products such as Coca Cola Life and Coke Zero (something George Osbourne acknowledged within his Budget speech).

Growing obesity is something which should rightly be addressed, arguably in areas beyond just soft drinks to also include hidden sugar sources such as take home food sectors, but if the sugar tax acts as a reminder that awareness of personal health is imperative and that products with a higher sugar content should be treated as treats (think: chocolate) to be consumed as part of a balanced diet then it achieves a primary objective.

What Ian Wright, director general of The Food and Drink Federation, said

“We are extremely disappointed by today’s announcement of a new tax on some of the UK’s most successful and innovative companies … For nearly a year we have waited for an holistic strategy to tackle obesity. What we’ve got today instead is a piece of political theatre …The imposition of this tax will, sadly, result in less innovation and product reformulation, and for some manufacturers is certain to cost jobs. Nor will it make a difference to obesity. Many of those singled out today by the Chancellor have been at the forefront of efforts to provide consumers with healthy choices. The industry will now ask whether such efforts are still affordable.”  

What Gavin Partington, director general of the BSDA said:

“We are extremely disappointed by the Government’s decision to hit the only category in the food and drink sector which has consistently reduced sugar intake in recent years … We are the only category with an ambitious plan for the years ahead – in 2015 we agreed a calorie reduction goal of 20% by 2020 …“By contrast sugar and calorie intake from all other major take home food categories is increasing – which makes the targeting of soft drinks simply absurd.”

What Jon Woods, General Manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain, said:

“We understand obesity is an issue that needs to be addressed and will continue our work to reduce the sugar and calories consumed from our drinks. We have already done a great deal and our actions are doing more to reduce sugar and calorie intake than a tax will …It’s disappointing that the Government has chosen to single out soft drinks in its attempt to tackle the problem.  If the aim is to reduce obesity, this levy flies in the face of evidence from around the world which shows taxes do very little, if anything, to reduce sugar and calorie intake or obesity levels but do add to people’s cost of living.”

What Professor Graham MacGregor, chair of Action on Sugar, said:

“We are delighted to see in today’s budget announcement that the government will be introducing a new sugar levy on soft drinks which will be used to double the funding they dedicate to sport in every primary school …However, for this to be effective it is imperative that the levy is at least 20% on all sugar-sweetened soft drinks and confectionery and escalate thereafter if companies do not comply with reformulation targets – and this must be implemented immediately.”


Meanwhile, Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver who led a petition to the UK Government and Parliament, happened to be walking outside the Houses of Parliament during the announcement, and spoke to Sky News.

To conclude, the introduction of a Sugar Tax on ‘Soft Drinks’ was fully expected within the industry, and something that the team at Aqua Amore long anticipated by stocking and supplying a very wide range of low-sugar ‘soft drink’ beverages alongside our bottled mineral waters, which we continue to deliver to homes, offices and the on-trade in London, Surrey and beyond. Whilst efforts have already been made to lower sugar content in popular soft drinks, for example Schweppes Indian Tonic vs Schweppes Slimline Indian Tonic, we firmly believe that that ‘soft drink’ industry will continue to evolve and that smaller producers will continuously introduce excellent new beverages to the market place.

And Aqua Amore will be at the forefront of new soft drink innovations.

The SCOTSMAN: Burning Issue: Does bottled mineral water taste better than straight from the tap?

In July 2008, we were contacted by The Scotsman newspaper to write an article on Bottled Water vs Tap Water. This is what Michael Tanousis of Aqua Amore said…

Yes: MICHAEL ANTHONY TANOUSIS managing director Aqua Amore Ltd, Premium Water Merchants

WATER is so abundant in our everyday lives that it is all too easy to take it for granted. I vividly remember moving from London to Stirling as an undergraduate and being amazed at the crisp, cold tap water – almost too cold to quench my thirst. My fellow director, a graduate of Edinburgh University, recalls the difference between Stirling, Edinburgh and London tap waters, with the first firmly at the top of the tree.

There is a discernible difference, even between tap water in different places. If that is the case, do claims there is no discernible difference between tap water and bottled water hold true? Poppycock, I say! Most people tend to have a preference in the supermarket for which brand of water they like – all that’s missing is a knowledge of terminology to communicate the taste sensations experienced.
Further complicating the wonderful world of waters is the variety of origins – rainwater from Tasmania, glacial water from Canada, artesian water from Scandinavia, spring water from Somerset and naturally carbonated water from Italy. Naturally, these varietals occur elsewhere in the world, but crucially, they all differ in taste and character to one extent or another – and this is an incontrovertible scientific fact. Water is a universal solvent and absorbs the minerals with which it comes into contact.

Not everyone guzzles water as though they have been lost in the Gobi desert – the tap is good for that; for those who desire it, there are interesting waters available with innovative packaging that tells a story – so what is the environmental justification for enjoying an Australian shiraz over a Patagonian artesian?”


Read the full article from The Scotsman newspaper here: http://www.scotsman.com/news/burning-issue-does-bottled-mineral-water-taste-better-than-straight-from-the-tap-1-1081828

Matching Waters with Wine, alongside Nicholas Angelina and sommelier Roberto della Pietra

In the Spring of 2009, Aqua Amore’s Michael Tanousis embarked on ‘Minerals & Terroir’, a series of tastings which aimed to assess the effect that a mineral water has on a wine. After-all, if you’re ordering a nice wine with your meal, wouldn’t you want to compliment the mouth-feel with the appropriate mineral water?

The following link is Nicholas’ article in Harpers wine magazine: Harpers Wine Article – Minerals & Terroir

#TBT Aqua Amore donate Iskilde Water to Northamptonshire care homes

In June 2008, when Aqua Amore were just a few months old we answered the call of The Richardson Partnership in Northamptonshire who were in need of donations of water to their care homes, following an outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis in the local Anglian Water tap water supply.

The Richardson Partnership which ran four care homes in the Kingsthorpe and Dunston areas, cares for those with learning difficulties and Acquired Brain Injury, and was badly in need of water after their bottled water supplies had run out and they were having to boil water in containers for their residents following the outbreak. As such, we donated 648 litres (72 cases) of Iskilde water using our home delivery  to assist them!

You can read the whole article by clicking here



Aqua Amore ft. Independent Newspaper 01/08/2013

In August 2013, our Director, Michael Tanousis, was interviewed by The Independent newspaper for an article by Edwin Smith on bottled water. In the article, which also featured comments from highly respected mixologist, Tony Conigliaro and Tommaso de Christofaro, manager of the Michelin-starred Pass restaurant at the South Lodge hotel in Sussex, the importance of mineral water in a gastronomic environment was discussed.

Could most of us mere mortals really tell the difference between something like this and tap water? “It’s like comparing a Kobe steak with a beef burger, says Michael Tanousis, the MD of Aqua Amore, the company that supplies the widest range of waters in the UK. “One is natural, one is a processed product, so it’s not a proper comparison.

You can read the whole article by clicking here

Iceni Water – Cease of Trade

Aqua Amore were very sad to hear the news of Iceni mineral water closing down and ceasing trading, as of September 2015.

Iceni was a very popular mineral water with our office delivery customers and business staff water requirements, but the team at Aqua Amore have moved quickly to find a UK sourced alternative water in the form of Radnor Hills, with the first replacement orders being delivered to London offices this Tuesday, 22nd September by our delivery drivers.

Iceni Managing director Brett Fleming-Jones said: “The owners have taken the strategic decision to close the business because it isn’t sustainable and couldn’t be part of their core business”.

We would like to place on record our thanks for Iceni Water and all their staff for their hard work and assistance in providing an affordable and good quality bottled water for our office, workplace and home delivery customers.

Please click here to place an order for Radnor Hills for delivery to your office business and workplace.