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Naturally Sparkling waters are a rare and wonderful product of nature. These are waters that emerge from the ground having been imbued with carbonation at some stage of their journey. Many have been cherished for thousands of years by local communities, invaders and tourists. Aqua Amore have selected a variety of these waters for you to compare. From the low mineral and carbonation, to the extremely high mineral and bold carbonation – these will leave you in no doubt that waters have their own characters and dare we say – terroir! The case will consist of 2 bottles (or equivalent) of 6 waters from the table below: Badoit France Glass 750ml Borjomi Georgia Glass 2x500ml Chateldon France Glass 750ml Ferrarelle Italy Glass 750ml Pedras Salgadas Portugal Glass 750ml Perrier France Glass 750ml Saint Geron France Glass 750ml Uliveto Italy Plastic 1.5L Vichy Catalan Spain Glass 1L Vichy Celestins France Plastic 1.25L Vichy St Yorre France Plastic 1.25L Vidago Portugal Glass 750ml This selection aims to offer six varieties in each case – two bottles of each. Although the contents of the selection case may vary depending on what new and exciting arrivals we have, you will always receive a carefully considered selection of waters to appreciate and share. We’d love to know what your thoughts are so get in touch to let us know! We can be found on twitter, facebook, email, phone, fax and under waterfalls enjoying the crisp refreshment and crushing weight of natural spring water!

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