Vit Hit Immunitea Plastic Bottle
12 x 500ml

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Vit Hit Immunitea is a functional health drink which is popular with our home delivery customers and those battling off colds in the workplace by giving their immune system a boost.

Vit Hit Immunitea: Dragonfruit & Yuzu

Vit Hit Immunitea is a low calorie white grape fruit juice drink with dragonfruit and yuzu flavour, ceylon tea, echinacea, vitamins and zinc with sweetener.

Popular with Aqua Amore home delivery customers, Vit Hit Immunitea contains the following ingredient features in only 35 calories per bottle.

SIBERIAN GINSENG:  This increases mental performance, energises your body and protects against minor ailments

ROOIBOS TEA: A well known antioxidant hailing from the South African Redbush Tree and packed with anti-oxidants.

FOLIC ACID – (100% RDA) – Helps cardiovascular health

BIOTIN (100% RDA) For mental health & converts glucose to energy

VITAMIN B12 (100% RDA) Good for the nervous system

NIACIN (100% RDA) Helps transform carbohydrates to energy

VITAMIN C (100% RDA) Antioxidant & Body Defender

VITAMIN B5 (100% RDA) Helps energy production

VITAMIN B6 (100% RDA) Helps process carbs & fats to energy

VITAMIN B1 (100% RDA) Helps reduce tiredness


Water, mandarin juice from concentrate (8%), Orange juice from concentrate (4%), natural flavours, green tea extract,vitamin blend: Vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, folic acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1; Antioxidant ascorbic acid, sweetener sucralose, citric acid,Natural stabilisers pectin and locust bean gum, colour beta carotene.

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Vit Hit


Dragonfruit, Siberian Ginseng, Yuzu


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